DataStax MVP

One of the surprises leading up to the Cassandra Summit is that I was named one of inaugural DataStax MVPs. It’s really an honor to be put into the same category as the other MVPs, the people and the work that they do is really impressive. I hope that we can make an possitive impact on the community.

Changing the Game, Cassandra + Solr

The Cassandra Summit was a lot of fun. We met lots of good people, attended really interesting talks, and got lots of good press coverage. I’m really looking forward to the videos being published so I can check out some of the talks that I missed. In the meantime I’ve uploaded the slide deck from my talk: Changing the Game, Cassandra + Solr. I’ve fixed some of the formatting issues that cropped up in my talk. I’ve learned my lesson, always double check formatting after converting to powerpoint. Changing the Game, Cassandra + Solr

Writing Node.js modules in ClojureScript

At SourceNinja we recently expanded our offering to track Node.js, and as part of that we released a Node.js module. I love Clojure, and used this opportunity to finally take a look at ClojureScript, and specifically using Node.js as a deploy target. There is some documenation for running ClojureScript on top of Node.js, but so far no documentation for deploying a module written in ClojureScript to npm. Think of this post as a report describing what worked, what didn’t and where we found gaps. I’m going to assume you know Clojure, and that you have installed Node.js. If you haven’t...

The Socially Awkward Founder

Some people are born socially adept, they make friends easily, deal well with crowds and generally like to talk to other people. I am not one of those individuals. I’m the type of guy who’d rather work then go to a party, who purposefully vacations in places that don’t speak English, and seeks out solitary hobbies. Which is fine, it works for me, it probably explains why I’m a technical founder, but recently it’s become a problem. When you become a founder 50% or more of your job is interfacing with the public, and your ability to forge relations with...

Don't Start a Company

I can’t start that new company. I don’t know how to do sales. I don’t know how to dev. I don’t understand business. I don’t understand financing. I don’t have enough money saved. The economy isn’t doing well. I don’t have enough time to work on my idea. Family life is too hectic. I’m the sole breadwinner. I’ve got young kids at home. Things are really interesting at work. I want to finish this one project. A bunch of people left and the team depends on me. A raise is right around the corner. Things are getting better. There is...